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At Complete Athlete, our workshops and training sessions are based on functional movement focusing on both injury prevention and performance enhancement in one’s sport.

Sport is all about pushing yourself to your edge, not about creating anatomical and physiological balance. Each sport requires repetitive movement, an overuse of certain muscle and an underuse of others.  However, in order to reach your peak performance, one should work towards balancing strength and mobility in all planes and ranges of motion.

Our workshops and training sessions draw from our expertise in strength and conditioning, yoga, pilates, TRX and are individualised to your particular sport. 

Complete Athlete offers an array of Sports Performance services including:

  • Fitness Testing

  • Movement Compensation Screening

  • Sport specific programme design

  • Functional Mobility

  • Strength and Conditioning coaching

  • Recovery sessions

  • Myofascial Release 

Our sessions can vary from regular 1-hour classes to a once off 2-hour interactive workshops, depending on the individual or team’s needs.




Sports nutrition is the specialist application of the science of nutrition to performance enhancement in sport. The nutritional demands of training and competition vary according to sporting discipline and the individual requirements of athletes. Each athlete and each sport have its own set of nutritional needs, from the correct intake of carbohydrate necessary to fuel endurance sports to protein for recovery to vitamins and mineral requirements.


An athlete’s diet has a major effect of their health, performance and recovery. A well-planned personalized eating strategy will:

  • help support any training programme whether you are training for fitness or for competition

  • promote efficient recovery between workouts

  • reduce the risk of illness or over training

  • help you achieve your potential in sport


Complete Athlete offers an array of Sports Nutrition services including:

  • Nutrition group talks and demos specific for your sport

  • Individual Consultations and personalized meal plans.

  • Body Fat and Muscle Mass measurements

  • Female specific talks on Female Athlete Triad


Sport Nutritionist Brigid formulates a programme based on the individual athlete or team depending on your budget, time and other requirements. Nutrition can be offered as a single service or in combination with our other offerings.




“Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habit” – Laozi


At Complete Athlete, we recognise the powerful impact of training the mind as well as the body in sport. We believe that your mindset is fundamental to your performance.

Nurturing this element of your sport builds resilience and what is termed as a “growth mindset” where you intrinsically believe you can achieve your goal through effort. When presented with an obstacle, those possessing a growth mindset tend to rise to the challenge. Challenges propel them forward towards their goals, it is the fuel that inevitably helps them rise to their full potential in their sport.

Complete Athlete weave growth mindset techniques through their Movement workshops. We also offer stand alone talks that are targeted towards both coaches and athletes.

Our 3 core elements of Movement, Nutrition and Mindset can be offered alone or all together. We are highly adaptable in formulating packages based on you and your team’s needs, budget and time constraints. Get in contact with your requirements and we will be delighted to revert back to you with a proposal and quotation.

We will attend your clubs on a number of agreed occasions and can also offer options of off-site packages should that be your preference.

What We Offer

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