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Who we are, our goals & ethos


Complete Athlete is a collaboration between Sherry Mannion and Brigid Sheahan. The idea originated from our passions and expertise in functional movement, strength and conditioning and in working with athletes in injury prevention and performance enhancement.  

Complete Athlete draws from Sherry’s qualifications in Strength and Conditioning, Sports and Exercise science, Sports psychology, Yoga, Pilates, and Brigid’s studies in Nutritional Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Yoga for Athletes and Anatomy Trains in Motion. 

We believe in order to reach your full potential in your sport, 3 elements must be nurtured: Movement- Nutrition- Mindset.

Our approach to human movement and performance is 360 degree, and covers the connection between athletic movement, neurology, psychology, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. Once we understand that these systems are in fact one- we can unlock our true potential and take your sport to the next level.

Complete Athlete offer all 3 dimensions. Movement and Mindset is intertwined in our tailored workshops and training programmes. Sports Nutrition will be offered through group talks and individual 1:1 consultations.

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    Brigid Sheahan

    As a former competitive gymnast and coach, I have always been deeply intrigued with the human body’s potential in range of movement. I was fascinated with how I condition my body through intense training to perfect particular moves that had seemed inaccessible when starting out.

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    Sherry Mannion

    As a science graduate with a Degree in Anatomy & Physiology and a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science I always had a fascination with biomechanics and how the human body works physically. Coming from a background in sports and athletics, representing both Dublin and Galway in Camogie and Connaught in hockey I always understood there was a direct connection with my mental skills in achieving my optimal physical performance. This led me to study sports psychology to find out more.

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