Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Brigid Sheahan


As a former competitive gymnast and coach, I have always been deeply intrigued with the human body’s potential in range of movement. I was fascinated with how I condition my body through intense training to perfect particular moves that had seemed inaccessible when starting out. From a young age, I made the connection between the foods I consumed to my energy levels in my performance and in my overall wellbeing. I also saw how my mindset would affect my performance at competitive events but was unsure on how to nurture this area at the time. I made a natural transition from gymnastics to Yoga in my 20’s where I got to truly appreciate the power of the mind-body-breath connection. I began my Yoga teaching journey and travelled to India to complete my Ashtanga training and later would go on to undergo Advanced Yoga training in Hawaii. I’ve also trained as a Yin teacher and obtained qualifications in teaching prenatal yoga. I began my 4 years of Nutritional Therapy studies in 2016 with the Institute of Health Science after which I studied Sports Nutrition. In meeting countless athletes with injuries through teaching Yoga, I developed a passion for functional movement in not only injury prevention but also performance enhancement. I decided to study further and underwent a specialized Yoga for Athletes with Tiffany Cruikshank in London after which I studied with Anatomy Trains in Motion. I also trained as a TRX teacher which she finds to be very effective in combining strength, mobility, endurance and balance, all vital components in all athlete’s performance. After years of studying and training, I have combined my qualifications and experiences to offer Nutrition, Movement and Mindset- the 3 dimensions on which Complete Athlete is built upon. I truly believe that when these 3 elements are nurtured, that is when you can take your sport to the next level.

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Dublin, Ireland

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