Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

Sherry Mannion


As a science graduate with a Degree in Anatomy & Physiology and a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science I always had a fascination with biomechanics and how the human body works physically. Coming from a background in sports and athletics, representing both Dublin and Galway in Camogie and Connaught in hockey I always understood there was a direct connection with my mental skills in achieving my optimal physical performance. This led me to study sports psychology to find out more. But it was only after practicing yoga for many years that I truly understood this connection. Now my approach to human movement and performance is 360 degree, and covers the connection and correlation between athletic movement, neurology, psychology and emotional wellbeing. Once we understand that these systems are in fact one – we can unlock our true potential. Back in 2017 as yoga continued to grow in my life, I decided to leave my pharmaceutical job and head to India to learn more. And then if finally, all came together. I found a way to combine my love of sports and athletics with my knowledge of the yoga practice. After completing my Yoga for Athletes course in London I created yoga specific sequences for athletes both for prehabilitation and rehabilitation using my knowledge of yoga, biomechanics & neuroscience. I now teach Yoga, Pilates and mobility classes for different athletes including runners, cyclists, golfers and swimmers. Making my name working with athletes most notable I have worked with the Galway Senior footballers, triathletes, golfers, boxers and runners. I have also trained under the Runity method and write yoga advice for the Irish runner magazine. My classes focus on breathing techniques, myofascial release techniques and mobility techniques to keep the athlete performing at their optimal. Combining these technique’s, you will unlock the mobility within the joints and muscles seeing increased performance, flexibility, movement efficiency, dynamic body control, power out and recovery. I teach from the heart within a warm and compassionate space sharing my personal experiences and passion for movement and mindfulness. A firm believer in practicing what I teach, I continue to seek the advice of great teachers to expand my knowledge, deepen my own practice and pass this on to others. I believe in exploring life and movement using all my learnings as a means of re-connecting to the potential present within us all.

E D U C A T I O N & C E R T I F I C A T I ON

  • Pilates Teacher Trainer | Jan 2019 | Pilates Teacher Training Ireland

  • Runity Painless Running Couse | Mach 2018 | Runity

  • Yoga for Athletes | Nov 2017 | The Institute of Yoga Sports Science Sports specific sequencing, Pre-hab/ Re-hab, Biomechanics & Neuroscience through the application of Yoga

  • RYT 300 Ashtanga, Vinyassa Flow & Myofascial Release Yoga Teacher Training | 2017 |Kranti Yoga Centre, India.

  • RYT 30 Yin Yoga Teacher Training | 2017 |Kranti Yoga Centre, India.

  • RYT 200 Hatha Yoga Teacher Training | 2016 |Yoga Therapy & Training Centre, Dublin.

  • Diploma in Sports Psychology | April 2014 | Portobello Institute

  • Diploma in Sports & Exercise Science | May 2012 | UL

  • Bachelor of Science Anatomy & Physiology| May 2004 | NUIG

Dublin, Ireland

+353 876342524/+353 851478815